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New Home For Future Technology Articles
11 January 2014
As someone with a bachelor of science degree in computer programming, my career, as well as one of my main earthly passions, is all about technology. I love being (somewhat) on the cutting edge, and trying out new technology by being a (somewhat) early adopter. At times I discover some interesting aspects which I want to share with others.

During 2012 and 2013 I wrote some tech-related articles on my photography Web site. But for a couple of reasons, I don't want to continue posting such articles there. For one thing, my passion and attention have turned away from photography during the past year, as I explained in my New Year's Eve article 2013: What a Photographic Year It Wasn't.

In addition, although many of the articles on that Web site are related to photographic technology, a number of the articles were more about computer technology — specifically the Apple iPad and its accessories or apps. Such topics, although interesting, do not really feel at home on a photography Web site.

On the other hand, I don't have enough to write about technology to start a separate new Web site dedicated to it. Therefore I decided to make this Brian's Bits Web site the new home for my future writings about technology by adding a new category of articles: Technology and Computing.

Rather than moving all of the old technology articles from my photography Web site to this one, I'm going to leave them where they are and simply link to them from this site. Following is a list of all the previous technology-related articles on my photography Web site which are not directly related to the topic of photography:
2012 Mar 17   An iPad 3 For Me (First Part)
2012 Mar 25An iPad 3 NOT For Me (Second Part)
2012 Apr 9iPad ClamCase
2012 Apr 27Topo Maps on the iPad
2012 Oct 23The iPad Of My Dreams, At Last?
2012 Nov 15New iPad Mini Arrives Eight Days Early
2013 Sep 5Thought Out iPad Mini Stand
2013 Sep 6Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
2013 Nov 21The iPad Mini Comes Of Age
For a list of ALL of my previous iPad-related articles, including the ones which also touch on photography, click here.

Any articles I write which pertain to photographic technology will continue to be posted on my photography blog.

As a little hint of what's to come, I have ordered the new Apple Mac Pro, which is, supposedly, to arrive by the end of the month. I got my order in at 1:00 AM, just an hour after it went on sale, so I was one of the fortunate ones who purchased early enough to avoid a February ship date.

But it doesn't get here until it gets here, and I think it will be much closer to the end of the month than any time real soon. You can be sure that once I get things up and running, I'll be letting you know all the juicy details! Stay tuned....
This article is 2nd a series of articles on this Web site related to Technology and Computing which also includes (scroll to see the entire list):
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New Home For Future Technology Articles
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