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The End of the Swiss Byrds Family Web Site
23 May 2015
For much of this year I have been ponder the fate of our Byrd Family Web site. I, Brian, was the only family member who was contributing to it and maintaining it. With my three other major Web sites to develop and expand, I didn’t really have the time, interest or motivation to keep the family Web site up to date as well.

No one else in the family did either. My two oldest children are now both in their early 20s, and living on their own as adults. As an early teen, Olivia is still at home for some more years, but neither she nor my wife Catherine had any interest in maintaining the family Web site. It was just crawling along under the impulse of its past momentum.

For ten years the Swiss Byrds Family Web site fulfilled a useful purpose in communicating the happenings of our family to our extended family and friends. But this year it became more and more apparent that it had outlived its usefulness. On this Memorial Day weekend, it was suddenly obvious that it was time to pull the plug.

Here are the family Web sites (mostly mine) which are still alive and well, in addition to Brian’s Bits:
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The End of the Swiss Byrds Family Web Site
23  May  2015
Reader Comments
On May 27, 2015, Willow Finney wrote:
I'm really sad to see the site go. Although, I realize how much work you put into it. I was always amazed that you updated it every month. And I liked stopping in from time to time to see how you and your family were doing it. You and your family's life is so different than mine, it was a bit like tuning into the Andy Griffith show, nostalgic and happy.

I will miss it, and will trust that you are all doing well :)
On May 28, 2015, Brian wrote:
In reply to Willow’s comments:

Thanks for the positive feedback ... it’s encouraging to know that the site had been appreciated. However, I am concerned and embarrassed that my one-sided reporting gave a false impression of reality. No person or family is perfect, and every person and family has their own problems to some extent or another. Because the SwissByrds Web site was not a place to share those faults and failures, pretty much only the surfacy, outward “Andy Griffith” details of our family were communicated — a partial reality that, in the end, is just as fake as a sitcom TV show.

The exact details of your life and my life, or your family and my family, may differ, but in the end we are all broken, sinful, selfish human beings in need of redemption and restoration. Unfortunately, that seems to be a very long and difficult process, which many people don’t even begin, and others quit before they reach the goal. Storm-tossed in a sea of failure and disappointment, the only thing that keeps me afloat is the belief that there IS a God, and that He is GOOD. Otherwise, there is no point or meaning to life at all.

For a more open look at my heart and mind, check out the other articles on this Web site in the same “My Journey with Yeshua (Jesus)” category this the article on this page is part of. What I share on Brian’s Bits may not be tell-all and bare-all, but it is definitely not sugar-coated Andy Griffith!
On December 22, 2017, Brian Greving wrote:
Hey Brian,
Thank you so much for publishing,Brian's bits!
I came across your site this morning after reading the book,
The Crucified Ones. I love your synopses of that book!
Then I started to read your other articles...laughter does good like medicine!😊 Thank you so much in giving yourself to the Lord in using the talents He gave you, much appreciated!
Your brother in Jesus, Brian Greving
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