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Three Strangely-Popular Articles
2 August 2014
There's something really strange going on with my articles! Last month there were three articles — one from each of my three main Web sites — that were WILDLY popular, way beyond any of my other articles. Stranger still, each of these three unrelated articles were popular to a VERY similar degree. I'm at a complete loss to explain it, but it definitely is quite interesting!

Of the articles in question, one was written 4 months ago, one 10 months ago, and the third is 54 months old. Just one month ago, on July 1st, each of these articles had less than 1,000 total views. But as of August 1st, each of them had more than 13,000 views — in just one month! In comparison, the next-most-popular article on my three Web sites during July had "only" about 4,000 views last month. I tell you, there's something really weird going on here!

Well, even though I can't explain WHY this is happening, I CAN tell you about these three articles! I guess I'll start with the oldest first. It also seems the most relevant of the three articles, given the current events in the Middle East.

Enmity and Reconciliation was published on my Your Islamic Future Web site on 25 February 2010. It started the month of July 2014 with 835 total views. Over its 52-month lifetime, that averages out to about 16 views per month — quite a modest number which gives no hint of its current, new-found, "rock-star" status! On the morning of August 1st, it had reached a total of 13,841 views — an astonishing gain of 13,006 views in a single month! Here's the article description:
In the book of Genesis, the story is told of how Abraham — the father of both the Jews (through Isaac) and the Arabs (through Ishmael) — rejected Ishmael as his firstborn son, and how God rejected Ishmael for His covenant plans. I believe that these two rejections which Ishmael experienced wounded him so deeply that they have had a major influence on shaping the ethnic and cultural identity of the Arabs up to our current day. They are the very roots of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the deep-seated, rabid anti-Semitism of Islam.
God's Master Plan, published right here on Brian's Bits on 12 October 2013, started the month of July 2014 with 531 views — an average of about 66 per month. A month later it had reached 13,762 views — a humongous leap of 13,231 views! Here is this article's description:
Because it is very easy to get so caught up in the details that we lose sight of the big picture, today I want to take a few moments to remind ourselves of God's "Master Plan." Even though God remains the same and is unchanging, His methods do change — but His Master Plan does not.
Last, and most definitely least in importance, Of Battery Grips and Lens Tripod Collars was published on my photography Web site on 23 April 2014. During its short two months of existence until the beginning of July, it had accumulated a total of 583 views — a very decent average of about 260 per month. But once again, during July 2014 the count was blasted beyond all believable bounds, bringing the total views up to 13,838 — an amazing increase of 13,255 views! And once again, here is the article description:
In response to a reader's comments on a previous article, today I discuss potential issues when using a lens tripod collar at the same time as a camera vertical battery grip. I also discuss the best method to line up the lens axis with the head axis when using a tripod.
Well, there you have the rundown on my three wildly-popular articles. As of the writing of this article, they are still going strong, neck in neck, having added nearly 2,000 views each in just the last 24 hours! Maybe you should follow the above links and find out for yourself what the huge buzz is all about. If you figure it out, be sure to let me know!

Visit my Master Index of Articles to see a combined listing of all the articles from my three major Web sites, sorted by popularity.
UPDATE — 14 August 2014 — Yesterday these three articles surpassed the previous most-popular article, Dawg-gone Great! And today, they each passed the 20,000 views mark! There seems to be no end in sight to their upward climb ... very strange!
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Three Strangely-Popular Articles
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