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What a U.S. President Should Say But Never Will
11 September 2013
Following is a fictional presidential address — a piece of creative writing which I recently felt inspired to author. Now, if you have read even only a small number of articles on this Web site, it should be obvious to you that I'm coming from a "Christian" point of view. I do NOT hold the all-too-common Pagan-Christian worldview — so prevalent in the United States (and many other places around the world) — which calls for violent self-defense and retaliation against our supposed national enemies. Instead, I'm committed to the much-more-rare morality of a non-violent, New Testament follower of Yeshua (Jesus, Isa) who believes, like Yeshua, that it's better to die for your "enemies" than to kill them.

Therefore, I am NOT writing this article from a Christian (in the true sense of the word: imitating the Messiah) point of view, but from a non-Christian, pagan point of view. The United States of America is not, and never has been, a Christian nation (in the true sense of the word: imitating the Messiah) — that's merely The Myth of a Christian Nation. From a truly Christian (imitating the Messiah) point-of-view, all of what I've written below is total rubbish and nonsense!

No, in this case I've let myself go, and written from a purely human, nationalistic, pagan perspective — a point-of-view that Caesars, both the wholly-pagan Julius and the Christian-Pagan Constantine, could readily embrace and implement with all their hearts.

For those whose highest goal is the preservation of our American nation, culture and freedoms, the presidential speech I've written is urgent, vital, and way past due. On the other hand, for those who are true citizens of the Kingdom of God, and have the interests and goals of that Government and Nation at heart, it could very well be that the Islamic conquest of the U.S. would end up being for the best — a concept I am continuing to develop in other articles on my Your Islamic Future Web site.

The reason I entitled this article the way I did is because I sincerely believe that all-too-effective Islamic propaganda together with devious political correctness hold such a sway over the American mind that we will never again have an American president with the clarity of thought, the vision, the sense of destiny, and the pure guts to ever do what I have suggested in this article. If I am correct, then Islam has already won, and America is already doomed — it's just a matter of time.
My fellow citizens — on this, the 12th anniversary of the horrendous 9/11 attacks, I am talking with you in order to address a serious danger which threatens both our individual freedoms and the existence of this country as we have known it for more than 200 years.

In the previous century, we Americans spent our lives and treasure in order to contain and defeat the totalitarian ideology of Nazism during World War II. Over the following decades, we fought a different type of war, the Cold War, less deadly but just as vital, in order to contain and defeat the totalitarian ideology of Communism.

Now, after numerous years of research and analysis, with the aid of many respected authorities, I have come to the conclusion that we face an existential threat from a totalitarian ideology which is more dangerous than Nazism and Communism combined.

Because of the effective deception produced by psychological warfare, many of you, my fellow citizens, will be shocked to hear me say that the name of this totalitarian ideology is Islam. But as I just stated, the psychological warfare we have been subject to for the past couple of decades as been very effective — almost to the point of us losing this war and our freedom.

Although many will object, saying that Islam is a religion, and a religion of peace at that, the reality is that Islam is much more than merely a religion. The truth is that Islam uses religion as a façade in order to deceive the victims of its totalitarian agenda.

The irony is that while Islamic propaganda insists that it is a "religion of peace," at the very same time the ultimate goal of Islam is no secret: A global Caliphate — or, in plain English, an Islamic Empire — which will rule the world by barbaric Islamic Sharia law.

All Muslims will be first-class citizens in this new totalitarian empire. All non-Muslims who do not convert to this ideology must submit (for this is what the word "Islam" means) to being second-class citizens, or worse. Those who refuse to convert or submit will be killed, as the Islamic holy book, the Quran, commands.

A thorough study of Islamic history brings to light the favored strategy for achieving an Islamic takeover of a country where the Muslims are, at first, a weak minority. It was the victorious strategy employed by the first Islamic dictator, Muhammad, and has been used successfully throughout 1,400 years of Islamic conquest, up to this very day. And that odious strategy is: a seemingly-peaceful infiltration combined with deception.

But such is only the beginning. History teaches us that once Muslims gain enough numerical, political and/or material strength, their war on freedom shifts into a second, more violent and more lethal stage. In our day, across Europe, Africa and Asia, Islamic violence and aggression are increasing to such an alarming extent that Muslim dominance is becoming a very real possibility. Europe especially is reaching a critical tipping point, after which the democratic, free Europe we have known will be replaced by a repressive Islamic Eurabia.

Frightenly-effective Islamic propaganda has branded the term "Eurabia" as alarmist, racist and Islamophobic. Such lies and nonsense must stop! Labeling the critics of the Islamic totalitarian agenda — critics who base their views on real and present dangers and not on "imagined" or "unreasonable" fears — to call them Islamophobic makes as much sense as labeling the opponents of Nazism in the previous century as Naziphobic! Such is the effect of Orwellian doublespeak in our day.

To follow the European path of ever-increasing accommodation of Islam is the quickest road to national suicide. Fortunately, the danger has not progressed as far in America as it has in Europe, and we are still in a position to win this war — IF we will disentangle ourselves from their diabolical propaganda and take decisive action to reverse the Islamic infiltration.

To do nothing would be a cowardly betrayal of our nation, whose constitution I swore to preserve, protect and defend when I became president. For the remainder of my term, I hereby dedicate all of the powers at my disposal, in close cooperation with Congress, to achieve the following strategic self-defense goals:
  1. In the previous century, our country would never have tolerated Nazi or Communist outposts, indoctrination centers, recruitment centers or schools on our sovereign soil. We never would have tolerated such organizations and facilities being used to spread their evil ideology across our land, and poisoning the minds of our citizens. Yet this is exactly what we have tolerated, and even encouraged and facilitated, in relation to the evil ideology of Islam. This betrayal of our nation must come to a complete, immediate halt!

    Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan once boasted that "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers...." This revealing statement is more true than most Americans realize. Because at its foundations Islam is not a religion but a totalitarian ideology, their mosques, these "barracks" disguised as houses of worship, are just as unacceptable in this country as Nazi or Communist barracks on our soil would have been during the 20th century.

    One of our most cherished American values — the First Amendment right to free speech — will NOT continue to be used in a treacherous way in order to destroy that very freedom. If Sharia law were to be established in this land, then the very concept of free speech would disappear overnight. In order to prevent the total annihilation of free speech, we must accept the lesser evil of limiting the free speech of traitors and enemies of our freedom.

    Furthermore, because Islam is not really a religion, but a militant ideology dedicated to the destruction of our American freedoms, we can no longer allow the American constitution to give religious protection to Islam, which claims to be a religion under false pretenses. Henceforth, Islam will no longer be accorded the status of a religion in our country.

    Therefore, from now on, all the messages preached at every mosque in the nation will be monitored. If Islam truly IS a "religion" of peace as the Muslims claim, then they have nothing to worry about. All mosques which preach non-violent devotion to, and love of, God, as well as love towards one's neighbor, in keeping with the Judeo-Christian ethics on which this country was founded, will be allowed to continue operations without any interference.

    On the other hand, any mosques which persist in spreading their messages of hate, violence, jihad and other odious aspects of their totalitarian ideology will be shut down with no further notice. The property will be confiscated and sold at auction for any legal, non-Islamic use. Islamic preachers who are spewing these seditious messages will be tried in court for treason if they are American citizens, while all non-citizen traitors will be deported back to their countries of origin.

    In a similar vein, any Islamic schools which teach the traditional basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, as well as other more modern subjects, will be able to continue to operate. However, any Islamic school which continues to indoctrinate the minds of their students with Islamic supremacist ideology will be shut down with no further notice. The property will be confiscated and either converted into a public school or else sold at auction for any legal, non-Islamic use. Islamic teachers who are promulgating these poisonous messages will be tried in court for treason if they are American citizens, while all non-citizens traitors will be deported back to their countries of origin.

    Furthermore, all textbooks and teaching materials from all schools in America, both public and private (but not homeschools in private houses, in accord with the Fourth Amendment) will be examined for Islamic propaganda, and those found containing any will be confiscated and destroyed, with no compensation.
  2. Effective immediately, all Muslim immigrants, including refugees, from any of the 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are hereby not allowed entry into the United States. Again, as Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan accurately proclaimed, "the faithful [are] our soldiers." Therefore, these enemy soldiers will be barred from the shores of our land. Let the OIC countries, with their vast resources, take care of their own refugees, since Allah is so compassionate!

    Furthermore, in order to reverse the seditious gains which Islam has already achieved in our nation, all visitors, including students, from any of the 57 OIC member countries are hereby denied entrance into the United States for the next ten years, after which time this policy will be reviewed and possibly changed if conditions warrant.
  3. While we are on the topic of the OIC, the United States can no longer accept the reality that the United Nations is being manipulated by the OIC for its own Islamic totalitarian purposes. Therefore, effective immediately, we are cutting off all U.S. funding to the United Nations for the foreseeable future, and perhaps forever. In the meantime, we will be exploring the possibility, in consultation with our democratic allies, of creating a new international organization which would better fulfill the original purpose of the United Nations, without the anti-democratic influences of the Islamic nations.
  4. Effective immediately, all foreign aid and all military sales to OIC-member countries will be halted, including any aid and sales that are currently in progress.
  5. I call upon all Muslims, as well as all immigrants from any and all languages, cultures and religions, to learn English, integrate into American culture, and become American. Although your language and culture is valuable, if you value them above the English language and American culture, then you would be much better off returning to your own country, where your native language and culture are rightly valued above those of the United States. If you don't want to be American, nobody is forcing you to stay in the Land of the Free.
  6. Because Israel and the Jewish people are on the front lines in the fight against Islamic supremacism and totalitarianism, we will henceforth support their struggle by completely suspending the so-called "peace process" as well as our financial, moral, military and political support of the Islamic Palestinian regimes.

    In order to reach a practical, equitable, permanent, and swift conclusion to the Arab-Israeli conflict, we demand immediate justice for the Palestinians. For too long their Arab "brothers" have used and abused them as pawns in their own selfish totalitarian game. We call upon the Arab nations surrounding Israel to open their arms, and their borders, to the maltreated Palestinian people by granting them full citizenship in those respective countries, and also by assisting them financially so that they can finally begin new lives in their new homes.

    Once all of the Palestinians have been resettled on the surrounding Arab lands, then Israel will be granted full and unconditional sovereignty over all of the land west of the Jordan River which was promised to them in the early decades of the twentieth century, including all the current territory of Israel as well as the so-called West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Israelis will relinquish any claims on all of the territory they had been promised east of the Jordan River, which will remain under Jordanian sovereignty.

    In the late 1940's during Israel's War of Independence, nearly a million Palestinian Arabs lost their property, possessions and livelihood in what is now the present-day State of Israel. In the eyes of international law, the international community, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the transfer and resettlement of the Palestinian people to the surrounding Arab nations will be considered a valid and equal exchange for the nearly one million Jews who lost their property, possessions and livelihood in Muslim countries as a result of the rebirth of the State of Israel.

    As a result of this peace settlement, all Jewish claims to right of return or compensation for losses in those Muslim nations will be null and void. Likewise, all Arab or Muslim claims to right of return or compensation for losses in the State of Israel will be null and void. We will no longer allow the Arab nations to use their Palestinian brothers as weapons against the Jewish people, nor to abuse the Palestinian people for their Islamic supremacist agenda. This will bring to a permanent close the unnecessary decades of the artificially-created Arab-Israeli conflict, which the West has tolerated for much too long.
  7. For many years we have heard that America has an unhealthy addiction to petroleum. Economists and environmentalists alike have repeatedly warned us of the present and future danger. Even though this is a very serious problem, the fact that we are addicted to Islamic Arab oil takes the danger to a much more critical level.

    For decades we have idiotically been funding jihad against ourselves and our American freedoms by purchasing enormous quantities of Arab oil. It is an indisputable fact that the primary source of worldwide jihad is oil-rich Arab countries. And it's the untold billions of American dollars which we pay for their oil which are funding and enabling this jihad against America and the West.

    Instead of offering our necks to the Islamic jihad sword, it is way past time to completely end our dependence on Arab oil once and for all. We would do well to remember the economic chaos the Arabs created in 1973 with their oil embargo, during which they used oil as a political and economic weapon. It could easily happen again, and with our greater dependence on foreign oil, the consequences would be even more serious.

    In order to set our country free from the whims of Islamic countries bent on destroying our freedoms, we must make painful decisions and take drastic, decisive action. It is time for our nation to unite around the need to escape this deadly trap rather than to continue to squabble about our pet concerns and agendas which, in the end, are much less important.

    Therefore, I am putting into action, with the close cooperation of Congress, the following multi-pronged approach. I'm not going into much detail at this point, as that will have to be worked out in Congress. Because this is a complicated, long-term endeavor, I'm sure that we will have to adjust the details in response to changing circumstances. But whatever the details, the following strategic goals are vital and unchanging:
    1. Decrease and eventually eliminate importation of Arab oil. Paying trillions of American dollars for Arab oil, which finances their jihad against freedom and enables their purchase of significant American businesses and infrastructure is a suicidal, traitorous economic system which has nearly brought our country to ruin. Unfortunately, our dependence on Arab oil has become so significant that we cannot halt our importation of Arab oil overnight.

      However, effective within the next 30 days, we will reduce our importation of Arab oil by twenty percent. Each year thereafter we will further reduce our purchase of Arab oil so that within ten years we will no longer be importing any Arab oil. I understand that reaching this goal will cause significant short-term and long-term pain for American citizens and businesses. But the consequences of not attaining this goal of total independence from Islamic oil will cause much more significant and lethal pain.

      It is very possible that the Arab oil-exporting nations will have such a vehement reaction to our new national goals and strategies that they decide to cut off all of their oil exports to the United States immediately. Although such action on their part would quickly plunge us into a deep financial and logistical crisis, I firmly believe that it would be a crisis we could manage and eventually overcome. The end result would leave us stronger and more prosperous as a nation, and eliminate the need to take an entire ten years to completely terminate our importation of Arab oil.

      It has been the fear of losing the Arab oil supply which has led us to compromise our national security. As president Franklin Roosevelt wisely declared, "the only thing we have to fear is ... fear itself." The reality is that the Arab nations need our money and technology much more than we need their oil. It's time for this country to start living in that reality!
    2. Decrease overall energy consumption. During the oil crisis of the 1970's, and more significantly, during World War II, individual Americans, as well as American businesses, each did their part to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the war effort. We are at war with the totalitarian ideology of Islam. In order to free our country from the grave dangers posed by Islam, we all need to make sacrifices and major lifestyle changes. I call upon every American citizen and business to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible. And not just temporary changes and reductions, but permanent ones. I also call upon Congress to implement an increase in taxes on fossil fuels, which will help reduce consumption, and to allocate the increased revenue for financing the remaining points I am about to cover.

      About half of the petroleum consumed in this country is used for gasoline. Therefore, any meaningful decrease in energy consumption will have to involve a significant reduction in gasoline consumption. I call upon all American citizens and businesses to seriously consider how they can do their part to greatly reduce this nation's need for gasoline. I also call upon industry to develop new technologies which will reduce our dependence on gasoline without crippling our enviable transportation system. With creative thinking and new technologies, we can make our transportation system even better!
    3. Increase domestic fossil fuel production. In addition to submitting our nation to the ideology of Islam, we have also been submitting it to the ideology of Environmentalism. Although protecting the environment is important, it is not more important than maintaining our national sovereignty and freedoms. Decades of over-emphasis on environmental protection has castrated our national energy-production industries and left us dependent on foreign supplies of energy, thus putting our national security at risk.

      Therefore, I call upon Congress to pass, within the next 30 days, legislation which will rescind all previous laws which obstruct the domestic production of the oil and coal resources this country was been blessed with. While this is not a long-term solution to our energy needs, it is the best, and perhaps the only, solution we have for the short to medium term. I call upon the companies in these industries to use their newfound freedom carefully for the benefit of this nation, because financial greed and environmental disasters will not be tolerated by the American people nor by the American government. This country is capable of energy-independence, so let's do it — while at the same time developing energy sources for the future which are more environmentally friendly.
    4. Increase importation of oil from allies. Even though we purchase huge amounts of Arab oil, it still accounts for slightly less than half of all of our petroleum imports. Last year, for example, we imported more than twice as much oil from our Canadian neighbors than we did from Saudi Arabia, from whom we import the most oil of any Islamic country. And we imported nearly as much oil from Mexico as we did Saudi Arabia. Not only must we increase our investment in domestic oil production, but we must also increase our investment in the oil-producing capabilities of our allies which are not under the influence of the totalitarian ideology of Islam.
    5. Invest in alternative energy sources. Fossil fuels will continue to be our primary source of energy for the short to medium term. But the sooner we can develop alternate energy sources the better. As I mentioned previously, I call upon Congress to increase the taxes on fossil fuels, and using the resulting income to increase funding for academic and business research of renewable energy technologies, like wind power, hydropower, solar energy, geothermal energy, and perhaps other sources which have not been discovered or invented yet. Investing in these energy sources is a much wiser use of our American wealth than spending untold trillions of dollars on oil from nations which promote the hostile, totalitarian ideology of Islam.

      Although nuclear power has been used successfully in the United States, France and other countries for decades, Japan's 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident highlights once again that nuclear energy production is a double-edged sword. Because of the significant dangers inherent in nuclear power, I cannot recommend a whole-hearted pursuit of this energy source. However, because of its great potential, I call upon academic and business research centers to continue their quest for a safer form of nuclear power which reduces the grave dangers of our current nuclear technology.
  8. Over the past few decades, and especially within the past decade, we have allowed massive foreign investment in the U.S. by Islamic countries and nationals. In a significant number of instances, this type of foreign control by followers of the totalitarian ideology of Islam constitutes a grave national security risk. Effective immediately, foreign investment by Muslims will no longer be allowed. In addition, all foreign investment of the past will be reviewed. Those investments which are deemed to be national security risks, including, but not limited to, investments in the financial, defense, energy, and transportation industries, will be voided by the U.S. government by paying back the investors the fair market value of their original investment, and then auctioning off the assets to non-Islamic U.S. citizens.
In 1961, President Kennedy called upon the nation to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Thanks to copious American ingenuity, hard work, perseverance and finances, that momentous goal was reached only eight years later.

Freeing our country from the insidious grip of Islam is even more important than putting a man on the moon, and will in all likelihood be more difficult as well. American ingenuity, hard work, perseverance and finances will be called upon once again in order to remove the existential threat of Islam and return our nation to a secure and prosperous future.

Lack of knowledge about Islam, and a lack of paying attention to the activities of Islam around the world, have been great failures on our part, which have brought us to this precarious place. Through my research, I have become convinced of the grave dangers of Islam and the corresponding dangers to our national security. As you, my fellow American, cut through the Islamic propaganda and carefully research the issues for yourselves, I have no doubt that you will come to the same undeniable conclusions.

In closing, I call upon all Americans to completely refrain from any type of violence against, or persecution of, Muslims. Our national enemy is the totalitarian ideology of Islam, not individual Muslim people. Crime and vigilantism will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. On the reverse side of the coin, those Muslims who are using our democratic system and freedoms in order to advance the Islamic totalitarian agenda in this country will no longer be tolerated, and will also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The task set before us is formidable, as is the danger posed by Islam. As during numerous times in the history of our great nation we have faced and overcome such obstacles, through courage and faith we will once again triumph. May God — not Allah, but the God of our Judeo-Christian heritage — bless you, my fellow citizen, and may God bless America.
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