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The Incredible Versatility of the New Mac Pro!
17 February 2014
It was inevitable that once the radical shape and size of the new Mac Pro was unveiled, people would start to make fun of it. It's hard to deny that it does resemble a designer trashcan or deep fryer.

So the computer "artists" out there fired up Photoshop and set to work. I've seen quite a few interesting results, the best of which I have shared below.

For the first group, the Photoshoppers focused on a food motif. Seeing that my wife and children are Swiss, and I lived in Switzerland for eight years, I'm partial to the Mac Pro fondue pot!
Other Photoshoppers preferred a variety of non-food themes. Again, because of my Swiss connection, I've included the St. Bernard. And the Darth Vader helmet is pretty cool!
Last but not least, I'm making my own contribution to the fun!

I had seen a couple of other attempts to put some sort of bottle into the Mac Pro, but they didn't look all that great — the bottles were too big and you couldn't see any ice.

I found a shot of the beer bottles that seemed to have the proper angle, and a good mixture of bottles and ice. I spent some time making it fit into the top of the Mac Pro properly, and just as importantly, to make the coloring and shading look realistic. In the original the bottles were too bright, and the ice had a lot of green tint.

It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good. Once again, it demonstrates the incredible versatility of the new Mac Pro!
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The Incredible Versatility of the New Mac Pro!
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