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Rick Joyner's Dream
25 September 2014
In a “vivid, prophetic dream” on the night of September 18-19, well-known Christian leader and author Rick Joyner saw a massive infiltration of the southern border of the U.S. by ISIS and other terrorists, which he described as “diabolical, military gangs, coming in droves like a plague.” He saw them commit heinous acts against American citizens which would make mere beheading “look merciful.” Pain, terror, demonic cruelty, and then death; no mercy.

In the dream, because of the federal government’s failure to secure the borders of the nation and defend its people, the citizens of all states were filled with a demonic rage against the federal government, so that people started treating the federal government and its employees like ISIS was treating American citizens. Federal employees were even fleeing some states for their lives.

The dream continued with many — if not most — states rejecting the authority of the federal government over their states. Multitudes of citizen militias rose up in self-defense, not to defeat the federal government, but to defeat the terrorists the federal government was failing to defeat. Some right-wing extremist militias were taking advantage of this situation for their own demonic agenda. Here is the 30-minute video in which Mr. Joyner recounts his dream, and then goes on to share his analysis of it, and what he thinks Christians in this country should do about it. Urgent Warning: ISIS Coming to America - The ‘Gate of Hell’ that has been opened.
Following are the notes I took while I was watching it, along with the approximate location in the video that I was at when I wrote each note. These notes are a summary of what Mr. Joyner was saying, but obviously it’s not word for word, unless I put quote marks around it. Watch the above video to hear everything Mr. Joyner said, the exact way he said it.
  • 2-3 min: The scenario in the dream can be avoided if Christians react correctly.
  • 4 min: Many warning dreams are to reveal the schemes of the Enemy so that we can stop them. This is a scheme against the United States.
  • 4-13 min: Rick recounts what he saw in the dream, interspersed with comments.
  • 7 min: “Our government has left us almost completely vulnerable to one of the most diabolical attacks anyone has ever faced.”
  • 8 min: The only thing that will stop ISIS is the sealing of the southern border and the reeducation of law enforcement so they aren’t so politically correct.
  • 10 min: We are foolish and naïve if we think it can’t happen here.
  • 10-11 min: States rejecting authority of federal government. Militias popping up all over the country “like mushrooms.” They were not the right-wing extremist militias.
  • 12 min: In the dream, people were thinking that either the federal government was crazy, or else it was trying to “do the American citizens in.” The federal government began to be looked upon as an enemy of the American citizens.
  • 13-14 min: Without sealing the border there is no defense. Pray for the federal government leaders to wake up and defend the country. If they don’t do so soon, the things he saw in the dream WILL come to pass.
  • 14-15 min: Sheriffs are the key to defending our country. Sheriffs need to work WITH the militias which will arise.
  • 17 min: One of the biggest dangers to this country are the right wing extremists and their militias. Morning Star Ministries wants to contact all the sheriffs in the nation, explain these things to them, and encourage them to work WITH the “good” militias.
  • 18 min: The “good” militias will stop ISIS. Defending the borders is defending the nation.
  • 19 min: The citizen outrage he saw in his dream is just as demonic as ISIS.
  • 20 min: Christians need to stay in the Spirit, cast off sin and stay close to Jesus.
  • 20-21 min: Christians are in the “valley of decision” this autumn. “I’m not saying Christians can’t join these militias and defend themselves.” Christians should not return evil for evil.
  • 21 min: The failures of the federal government seem to somewhat justify a citizen uprising in Rick’s eyes. He says we need a change of leadership. Pray that government leaders have a change of heart.
  • 22 min: Pray for our governmental leaders. Rick says we should also pray about how God wants us to arm ourselves for self-defense.
  • 23 min: Martial law in America. Rick says we need to pray now so that if and when it comes, we will have the right “marshal” who will be a righteous leader.
  • 24 min: What Rick is saying in a nutshell is that the problem is the government not doing its job in defending and protecting the nation, and the answer is either the leaders repenting of that, or else new leaders or else martial law to make that change. Restore the republic. Go back to the constitution. Pray for our present federal government leaders to wake up.
  • 25 min: Rick says our job as Christians is to bring heaven to earth now in this life.
  • 26 min: Rick’s dream made him really nervous. He doesn’t want his dream to ever come true.
  • 27 min: If all the states reject the federal government’s authority, we will quickly be plundered by the nations. The U.S. must be united.
  • 27-28 min: If you have a relationship with your sheriff, talk to him about working with the militias.
  • 28 min: Sheriffs opposing the militias will cause even bigger problems. Pray that we have the right sheriffs in position. Upcoming elections of sheriffs are critical! The sheriffs are the key!
  • 29 min: Walk uprightly in righteousness before the Lord, keep focused on Him. Follow the King.
  • 30 min: Believe God for a victory for our nation over the terrorists, and that these attacks are preempted.
To summarize Mr. Joyner’s 30-minute video, he is saying that the source of the problem the U.S. is facing is political. The federal government is not doing its job to secure the borders and defend and protect this nation. Therefore, the solution is also political. The leaders in the federal government need to repent. Mr. Joyner did not say they need to repent of their sins and turn to Yeshua (Jesus), but to repent of not doing their job to defend this country. He calls on Christians to pray that the national leaders will wake up and start to do their job. If they don’t, then these leaders need to be replaced with leaders who will do their job. If that doesn’t happen, then the U.S. will come under martial law. He calls on Christians to pray for this “marshal,” this martial leader, that he will be a righteous man who will do what it takes to defend and secure the country, and lead it back to the constitution.

If the government won’t do the job, hundreds of local militias will rise up. Most of them will be righteous, although there will be some problems with right-wing extremists. It is these militias who will defeat the terrorists attacking the U.S. The local sheriffs in each county should not oppose these militias, but work with them. If the sheriffs oppose the militias, they will be causing even more problems. The key to this coming battle against the terrorists is the sheriffs. He calls on Christians to pray that the nation will have the right sheriffs in position. The upcoming elections for sheriffs are critical. He says that if you have a relationship with your local sheriff, you should contact him and warn him about all this and urge him to start contacting local militias even now and start working with them and not against them.
In the Old Testament, God warned about false prophets who would entice their listeners away from the true God by encouraging them to follow after other, false gods.
If a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a sign or wonder, and if the sign or wonder spoken of takes place, and the prophet says, “Let us follow other gods and let us worship them,” you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. Yahweh your God is testing you to find out whether you love Him with all your heart and with all your soul. It is Yahweh your God you must follow, and Him you must revere. Keep His commands and obey Him; serve Him and hold fast to Him. (Deuteronomy 13:1-4, emphasis mine)
So the question is, which God / god are we going to give our hearts to, our allegiance to, our affections to? Even though Mr. Joyner uses some “Christian” phrases, the advice he gives in response to his dream is basically pagan. I could easily imagine a non-Christian saying the very same things. In the end, Mr. Joyner is telling his listeners to follow other gods instead of Yeshua. Our American citizenship is insignificant compared to our citizenship in Yeshua’s Kingdom, which is not of this world (John 18:36), and its weapons are not of this world (2 Corinthians 10:4). Mr. Joyner tells his listeners that Christians should “not repay anyone evil for evil” — see Romans 12:14-21. He says that Christians need to stay in the Spirit, cast off sin and stay close to Jesus. Near the end of the video, he says that Christians should walk uprightly in righteousness before the Lord, keep focused on Him, and follow the King.

But after he warns against returning evil for evil, in almost the same breath, he says, “I’m not saying Christians can’t join these militias and defend themselves.” He goes on to say that Christians should start thinking and praying about how they should arm themselves with weapons.

Mr. Joyner’s practical advice totally contradicts his religious platitudes. If “Christians” use violence to defend themselves, either individually or in militias, then they ARE repaying evil for evil, they are NOT staying in the Spirit, they are NOT casting off sin, they are NOT staying close to Jesus, they are NOT walking uprightly in righteousness, they are NOT staying focused on Him, and they are NOT following the King!

If Mr. Joyner REALLY believed in his religious advice, then he would have told his listeners, “There is NO WAY Christians should be involved in these militias. Rather than following the demonic way of violence, I call upon all Christians to renounce violence, get rid of their weapons of violence, and use only the spiritual weapons of love, forgiveness, the Word of God, devotion to Jesus, and a willingness to lay down our lives for our enemies.”

His pagan advice of a change in political leadership, violent self-defense, militias, sheriffs, martial law and the rest, clearly shows where his heart is really at. From what he is saying, he seems to care more about the state of this nation than the state of the ekklesia (church); he seems to care more about following the principles of patriotism than the principles of the New Testament. His stance is tragic, and it brings deep grief to my heart. A quote from my recent article Feather of Peace is quite relevant at this point:
Look at the first part of the word “self-defense” — SELF. That single word ought to make it obvious that such “Christians” are on the WRONG path! The New Testament NEVER teaches that we are to defend self. On the contrary, it teaches that we are to deny self. We are to pick up our cross, which means suffering, death to self and self-interest, and perhaps even physical death. We are to follow the example of Yeshua, who lived a life of suffering and died a martyr’s death so that others might find eternal life.

People will reply that they are not defending themselves, but their families, friends, property, business, town, nation, etc. All these things are SELF-interests. SELF is still at the root of it all. If we were to lose our family, friends, property, nation, or whatever we hold dear, then we would suffer. We don’t want to suffer, so we will violently defend our SELF-interests. The New Testament NEVER teaches that we are to defend our self-interests. We are to DENY self, DENY self-interests, and embrace suffering, death to self and self-interests, and perhaps even physical death.

If “Christians” are following self, as in “self-defense” and “protecting self-interests” (family, possessions, town, nation), then they are NOT following Yeshua. You can’t do both at the same time. Either you are following Yeshua, or you are following self. If you want to follow Yeshua, you have to deny yourself. If you follow self, you are denying Yeshua. Those are the only two choices!
The two primary contributors to the New Testament, Yeshua and the apostle Paul, both taught believers to accept injustice instead of fighting back — see Matthew 5:38-45 and 1 Corinthians 6:1-8. They NEVER encouraged believers to think and pray about what kind of weapons they should get!

Yeshua and Paul NEVER identified the real problems as political, and they NEVER advocated political solutions. They NEVER taught that the oppressive, authoritarian leaders of the Roman government were the problem, and that the solution was for those leaders to start doing their political job, or else be replaced by other leaders who would.

What Mr. Joyner is teaching is an invention of man-made institutional Christianity that, in the end, is a doctrine of demons. Yeshua and Paul did not have the failings of human government on their agendas at all. They had much bigger fish to fry — spiritual and not nationalistic — which were the REAL issues that needed addressing in their day, and still need addressing in our day. The harlot church in America needs to repent of its idolatry. We need to stop looking to political leaders, because our citizenship is in God’s Kingdom, and King Yeshua is the only leader. We need to stop looking to church leaders, because there is only one leader of the ekklesia, Yeshua. We must embrace God’s agenda instead of our own.

In this video, Mr. Joyner does not say anything about the ekklesia needing to repent from its harlotry. The only repentance he specifically mentions is the need of the leaders in the federal government to repent. And not even repent of their sins, but repent of not defending the nation!

In the Wikipedia article on Rick Joyner, is says that he is an adherent of Dominion Theology. It’s beyond the scope of this article to substantiate that claim, but based upon what Mr. Joyner shares in this video, I think such a description of his theology is quite accurate. This is the same pagan Constantinian mindset that has been ravaging the ekklesia for the past 1,700 years. Mr. Joyner says that these terrorist attacks on the U.S. are from Satan. While it is true that ISIS and the other terrorists are being controlled by demons, in the end it is GOD who is bringing them to the U.S. and the West. His gentler methods have not had the desired purifying effect, so now He has to use stronger medicine. I cover the Biblical precedence for this view in depth in my articles God’s Judgments and Crucified Again — Tingling Ears.

If God did not spare His wayward Chosen People under the Old Covenant, but disciplined them with drought, disease, famine, war, and even the destruction of their nation, why do we imagine that He would not do exactly the same with His wayward Chosen People under the New Covenant? Do we think we are so special that God wouldn’t dare? The Jews of old had that same false understanding of God and His ways. Let’s not make the same mistake. In Mr. Joyner’s view, it’s not the sin of the ekklesia — in loving self and self-interests more than Yeshua — that’s the problem. It is the failure of the political leaders to defend this country by securing the borders that’s the problem. In his view it is the sheriffs of the country who are the key to the solution, not Yeshua.

Rather than presenting the New Testament solution to the problem — repentance, denying self, taking up our cross, following Yeshua into suffering and martyrdom — Mr. Joyner offers pagan solutions, and encourages his listeners to follow after the false gods of political solutions, arming ourselves, participating in militias, and supporting martial law, to solve the country’s problems.

Mr. Joyner does not focus his listeners on the REAL solution: Yeshua working through His Body, the ekklesia, to demonstrate self-denial and self-sacrificial love for their “enemies.” Instead he feeds them the humanistic solutions of politics and violence. He is not focused on what God cares about — the citizens of this nation ending their rebellion against Him and surrendering their lives to Yeshua — but he is focused on what man cares about: the violent defense of this nation and its prosperity. I believe that Mr. Joyner’s dream was from God. I believe that what he saw WILL take place soon. I’ve been sensing similar things from God, and writing about them on the Your Islamic Future Web site for the past four and a half years.

Mr. Joyner believes that the events he saw in his dream can be avoided if Christians in this country “respond correctly.” My opinion is that we have gone too far down a bad path away from God, and that these events cannot be avoided. But even if I am wrong and they can be avoided, it will be through prayer and repentance, and certainly NOT through the political changes and violent self-defense which Mr. Joyner advocates.

Even though his dream is likely from God, with all of my heart I believe that Mr. Joyner’s advice about how to respond to this dream is absolutely NOT from God. He is encouraging his listeners to turn AWAY from God, AWAY from the path of Yeshua, and AWAY from the teachings of the New Testament. I am extremely dismayed and disappointed because of the stance he is taking. I am even more dismayed about him leading astray the multitude of people he has influence over. In the video, Mr. Joyner says that “Christians are in the valley of decision this autumn.” I whole-heartedly agree with this assessment. Are Christians going to follow Yeshua on the path of love, forgiveness and self-sacrifice? Or are they going to follow the demonic path of nationalism, patriotism, and violent self-defense? As it says in the passage from Deuteronomy I quoted earlier, God is testing His people, to see if we will follow Him, love Him, keep His commands, obey Him, serve Him, and hold fast to Him — or not.

Mr. Joyner has made it clear which path he is going to follow. Because he is encouraging and enticing his listeners to follow the same anti-Yeshua path he is on, I regretfully can come to no other conclusion but that Mr. Joyner is acting as a false prophet, according to how God defines it. I pray that his eyes will be opened and he will turn from the error of his ways before it’s too late.
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