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Laying Down Our Lives For Homosexuals
25 February 2014
Today's article is the seventh of a series. In case you missed them, you might want to read the previous six articles first: I came across this amazing story while listening to an audio message by Wayne Jacobsen called "Sin and Shame" from his Transitions Series. Follow the link to listen online — the story begins at 5:17.

The example of this woman, Penny Dugan, is a powerful Christian response to homosexuality and Christianity and the homosexual agenda. Wayne recounts:
I know a woman in Kansas who lives an incredible life. She found out on one afternoon that her husband was gay, that he was divorcing her, that he was moving in with his lover, and that he had AIDS and had exposed her to it. How would you like that for an afternoon conversation?

It devastated her life. He ended up divorcing her — she moved out and his lover moved in.

Eight years later she hears this little inkling in her heart: "I want you to go back to take care of your ex-husband while he's dying." She thought, "my goodness!"

That's one you wrestle with for a while! You don't just write that down in your little prayer journal, "Oooo, I heard from God today!" She's going, "Man I hope that's not God." She struggled with it.

Finally after three months she concluded it was God. She went and knocked on the door of her old house. The male lover of her ex-husband answered the door.

She says, "Hi, howya doing?" He said, "We're not doing well here ... we're both dying of AIDS." She said, "Well, can I talk to my ex-husband for a minute?"

So she went in, and he's bed-ridden now ... can't even move, and the other one is pretty sick but trying to care for him. She said, "I just feel like I'm supposed to move back in here and help take care of you guys. Would you be open to that? Not as your wife, just as a sister." And he said, "Yeah, that would be OK. We don't know what else to do."

She moved back in to her old house. She cared for her ex-husband as he died. He came to faith and repentance in the midst of that. His lover came to faith and repentance in the midst of that.

Her ex-husband died, and she stayed on to take care of his lover, because she felt like God asked her to. As he's dying, there's a knock on the door. Another gay man is standing there with AIDS, saying, "I understand you take care of AIDS patients here." She said, "Uh, no, not really." But she said, "Come on in."

Eleven years and sixty AIDS patients later — all of which came to faith, none of which was ever required. Here's a woman who just loved people and the homeless.

How does Law ever get you there? The stories I know of people who live this life of love and relationship, they are involved in things no-one would ever choose to be involved in. And they're not in it miserable.

Now she's had a hospital given to her in Kansas and they're converting it into a hospice for AIDS patients. They're saying the drugs being used now are going to become less effective over time, and there's still an epidemic coming.

She also goes to Africa and does training over there. She invited me to go this past summer. When this lady calls me to say, "Wayne, would you come with me to South Africa and help train some people to work with AIDS patients," I don't even — she never pays my way, she doesn't have the money to pay it — but do I go? You bet I go! I may be going to China ... she just got back from a trip there.
Well, that's Wayne's version of the story. If this little taste has whet your appetite for the full story, be sure to watch this 23-minute video as Penny Dugan tells all the details in her own words. This is a vital message that the Church needs to hear:
As I pointed out in my last article, there are strong spiritual and tactical parallels between homosexuality and Islam. Out of all the delusions which Satan is flooding the earth with, I think that homosexuality and Islam are two of the most powerful and dangerous deceptions. And I believe that the proper Christian response to both of these issues has numerous parallels as well.

The primary allegiance of Christians is to God and His truth. If we compromise on that, then we have no message of salvation to share with the world. Come hell or high water, we must proclaim the truth to the lost: homosexuality is not normal, but a perverted sexual immorality which is in no way acceptable to God. And regarding Islam: the God of the Bible, Yahweh, Who is the God of Israel and the Father of Yeshua (Jesus, Isa), is NOT the same as Allah, the Muslim god of the Qur'an.

As I wrote in Sticking Our Necks Out For Muslims, we Christians have to love Muslims enough to tell them the truth, and then be ready to suffer persecution and even death for it. This same reality holds true for bringing salvation to homosexuals as well.

Can we love homosexuals enough to form friendships with them? Can we love them enough to warn them about the evil path they are on, with compassion, yet without compromising the truth? Can we love homosexuals enough to be willing to suffer persecution because of our dedication to the truth of God? Are we willing to be defamed? To lose our business? To lose our money and possessions and homes? To go to prison? To be gang-raped by homosexuals? To even be killed for our dedication to God and His truth? How far will our love take us? As far as Yeshua's love took Him?

What?! You don't think this could happen in the good ol' U.S. of A.? You had better open your eyes and see the reality! As I shared in Homosexuality and Christianity persecution for opposing homosexuality is not some far-off future event, but is alive and well today! And as the homosexuals continue to get a tighter and tighter grip on our society, the persecution is only going to get worse.

In my article Crucified Again — Sharing Yeshua's Sufferings I quoted from a book about bringing the Good News of Yeshua to Muslims. The author was commenting on what the Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 1:24. I want to share the same quote here, but slightly modified for the purpose of this article by substituting the word "homosexuals" for "Muslims:"
What could be "lacking" in the wounds of Christ? Didn't Jesus finish the work of salvation? In one sense, yes. However, in another, the work of the cross in not finished. The news of the cross has to be shared with others to be of any real value to them. That's where we come in. The gospel will go forward in homosexuals only through our wounds. Wounds are not simply an unfortunate byproduct of our witness to homosexuals, but the means by which they will hear and believe.

If suffering were only an occasional consequence of preaching the gospel, we might be able to figure out how to avoid suffering, sacrifice, and death and still accomplish our mission. But we cannot. For the gospel to really live in homosexuals, we will have to pour out our lives for them as Jesus poured his out for us.... When the gospel begins to flourish among homosexuals, persecution will come. Some believers will suffer and die. It's always been that way.

If we are really serious about seeing homosexuals come to Christ, we must be willing to pay the price. Reaching homosexuals cost Jesus his life. If we are to reach homosexuals, it will cost us ours as well.
In our day and age, it seems that many, and even most, Christians will buckle-under and compromise rather than suffer for taking a stand for God. We wimpy Western Christians are not prepared to suffer for our faith. On my Your Islamic Future Web site, I have written a number of articles about the amazing, life-changing book: Suffering, Martyrdom, and Rewards in Heaven. Not only is this book crucial for every Christian to read in order to be prepared for the coming Islamic persecution, but also for the coming homosexual persecution, or any other persecution that Satan devises.

In order to help you be victorious over Satan and suffering, I strongly urge you to pick up a copy of Suffering, Martyrdom, and Rewards in Heaven — it could easily be the most important book you will ever read, and the most vital to affect your eternal destiny! For only $15, you can't afford NOT to buy it!

God might not call us to only a literal, physical martyrdom, but also to a figurative, "living" martyrdom of serving homosexuals, as He has Penny Dugan in the story above. God may have us spend our own time, energy and money on their behalf, so that homosexuals can see the love of Yeshua in action. He may have us move to another part of the country where the need is more concentrated. He may even have us live among them.

In the 1870s, a Catholic priest named Father Damien was so moved by the plight of lepers in Hawaii that he volunteered to live among them, writing, "...I make myself a leper with the lepers to gain all to Jesus Christ." Do we have this same love of Yeshua in our hearts, that we would be willing to contract AIDS if that would be what it took to serve homosexuals with AIDS? Are we willing to lay our lives down for homosexuals so that they may know Yeshua and His salvation?

These are challenging questions which we need to ponder in prayer in the presence of the God who gave His all for us sinners. And then obey what He shows us to do.

For more thoughts on the topic of homosexuality and Christianity, see the next article in this series: 'Gay Pride' Is Nothing To Be Proud About.
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Laying Down Our Lives For Homosexuals
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