Welcome to Brian's Bits, where Brian gets to share at length about various topics stirring inside of him.
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At the top of the list of articles, which are sorted by default with the most recent articles at the top, click on the [ sort by category ] link to group the articles by category instead. The articles will be listed with the oldest articles at the top within each category. To return to the default listing, click on the [ sort by date ] link.

Click on an article title to go to that article.
Click on the Info icon to the far right of each article title to see a white pop-up box with a description of what the article is about. Within that white pop-up box:
  • Click on the article title or article image to go to that article.
  • Click anywhere else in the box to close it.
  • If using a keyboard, press the ESC key to close the box.
Site-Wide Search
In the upper-right corner of every page, right below the main Brian's Bits graphic, is the article search icon:  

Clicking on this icon will open a seach box. Type the term you wish to search for and then press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

The resulting page will list all of the articles which contain that term. See more details in the next section.
Search Page (search.php)
You can search the articles from any page of this Web site (see previous section), or search from the search box on this page.

Once you have the search results, you can sort the resulting article listing by each of the three columns: Date (default), Title, or Category — simply click on the column heading.

When you click on one of the article titles, you will go to that article. To return to the search results, you need to click on your browser's Back button.
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