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The Crucified Ones, Part 3
31 August 2014
In Part One of this series, I introduced the incredible, must-read book called The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant by Charles E. Newbold. If you haven't read that article yet, I urge you to do so before you continue here.

Even though The Crucified One is only 115 pages long, it is so deep and so rich that there are way too many excerpts for me to share all of them in one article. Therefore I have broken it down into manageable, digestible sections. Part One covered chapters one through five. Part Two gave an overview of chapters six through nine. Today's Part Three features extracts from chapters ten through fifteen. The remaining article will cover the last two chapters of the book.

As I shared previously, Entire sentences highlighted in this color are MY emphasis — thoughts which struck me as especially important. All other emphasis is the author's, or implied by the author. If the flow of thought from paragraph to paragraph feels disjointed at times, that's because it is! I've taken paragraphs which were spread throughout each chapter, so there can be large chunks of text missing in between the paragraphs I've shared here. That's why you need to get your own copy of the book and read the WHOLE thing!
Chapter 10 — Old Order / New Order: The Is-ness of God in Us
The crucified ones are a new breed of Christians in the world today. They are new order in contrast to an old order of Christians. The old order of Christians are essentially under law — not necessarily the law of the Old Testament, but laws of their own making. They are kept by rules and regulations that govern them because they are not governed and motivated by the power and life of God working within them.

The old order Christian goes to church. He has to be programmed to go, exhorted to faithfulness in attendance, encouraged in program participation, etc. The church is what he does. In most cases, church is his religion. But the new order Christian IS the church. He sees himself as the very extension of Jesus Christ in the world today. He does not have to be exhorted to go to church, he is the temple of the Holy Spirit together with all other true believers.

In this new order, among this new breed, is a sense of tiredness from playing church. They are not interested in churchianity any more. They are released in the world to BE the church. They understand very well that the body must gather from time to time to gain strength from one another through the ministries, gifts, and fruit of the Spirit placed in the body. They gather for strength and scatter for service.
Praying and Fasting
The old order Christian has to be exhorted to pray while the new order Christian IS the prayer. He does not have to "pray" for answers so much as he IS the answer to prayer. He doesn't necessarily pray for someone's healing. He heals him in Jesus' name when he sees by the Spirit that healing is what Father is doing. He, like his big brother Jesus before him, does only what he sees his Father doing.

The new order Christian may fast often. But his greatest fast is not in the denial of certain food and drink from time to time, but in the total denial of his self-life at all times. Therefore, he is a living fast unto his God.
Doing and Being
The old order Christian has to be exhorted to do good. He has to have laws, creeds, doctrines, rules and regulations spelled out for him so he can know how to live righteously. But this is law. The letter kills. The Spirit of God who abides within the new order Christian is Himself the administrator of the law written within the heart of the believer.

And so it goes with everything else that can be said of the Christian life. The old order is an outward order of doing, while the new order is the inward reality of being.... Religion, at best, can only control or modify the outward behavior of a person.... There is no way you can imitate Him. You are either of His very nature or you are a phony.

The new order Christian, this new breed of crucified ones are becoming more and more like Him. It is less a matter of doing and more a matter of being. Jesus did what He did because of who He was. So it is with us — we will do more out of who we are than out of any religious expectations put upon us.
Chapter 11 — Water into Wine
It isn't until the water of the word of God becomes the wine of the blood of God that is has any redemptive value.... The Word became the Blood: the water became wine.... Just as there has been a renewal of the word during the past decades, there must now come a renewal of the blood.

If the water of the word that anyone has is not allowed to be changed into the wine of His blood, that vessel will go into deception. There is a danger in acquiring knowledge for the sake of having knowledge or for the purposes of acquiring something for self.

"There are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one" (1 John 5:8). First comes the water of the word, then the blood of the Lamb, and then the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the water of the word into the wine of the blood in all who take up their cross daily to follow Him. It takes all three to complete the witness of Christ in the earth whether in Christ Himself or in His crucified ones.

No man can crucify himself.... If any of us ever hope to be part of this company, we must be willing to do the only thing possible for us to do: yield to the purging, purifying fire of the Holy Spirit whose desire is to bring us into perfection. We can only present ourselves as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).
New Wine in New Wineskins
The wine we've had up until now has been carried around in the wineskins of the traditions of men. These old wineskins have become hardened and brittle. They will not hold the new wine that is coming forth now. In many situations the gospel itself has been confused with the traditions of men that tried to contain it. The wineskins have been equated with the wine.

Flesh man always attempts to hold onto the moves of God by institutionalizing them. So they try to put them into skins of their own making. Sooner or later the emphasis is upon the glorification of the skin rather than the wine within. They become icons of our worship.

Every time we try to pour a new move of God into the old wineskins of our traditions, or when we try to freeze pack it so as to hold on to it forever, we promptly kill it. God is not willing for His glory to be shared with flesh. He has not given us the Spirit to make the harlot church system look good.

This last, great, miraculous move of God whereby He changes the water into wine — the word into blood — cannot be poured into the old wineskins of churchianity. Don't look for the next, last, great revival to be inside the walls there. Those who expect to be a part of it are going to have to come out of them. For this reason, He is devising for Himself His own wineskins for His miraculous new wine. It is the church without walls.

The only way Jesus can be glorified is for Him to be lifted up in His crucified life.... The cross of Jesus Christ is still the only redemptive power in the world. And the only way Jesus is continually lifted up in such a way so as to draw all men unto Him is for all men to be able to see this crucified Jesus lived out in His crucified ones.

And insofar as those who follow Jesus in His baptism of sufferings, who follow the Lamb in radical obedience wherever He goes, being conformed into His image, allowing Him to be lived out in them — insofar as these become a reality, they are the new wine poured out in a new wineskin. It is the very life of Jesus sacrificially being poured out again — this time through His crucified ones.
Chapter 12 — The Way, the Truth, and the Life
That Jesus is the indisputable way of God unto God is the debate of carnal men to this day. It is an insult to the carnal mind of man which exalts itself above the knowledge of God, that God should be so narrow minded! This way is not a formula, a doctrine, a religion, or any such thing. The Way is the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus didn't just tell the truth. He didn't merely know the truth. He was the Truth.... The only way we can know the truth is to have the Holy Spirit reveal it to us.

There is coming that time when the Spirit of truth will bring us to that resting place in Jesus were, by revelation, we grasp the reality that Jesus has finished the works of God, that He is all in all, that He is the only thing there is.

Jesus groaned in His spirit and later wept (John 11:1-44). They thought He wept over Lazarus because of His love for him. But I believe He wept over their lack of perception — not just their unbelief, but over their failure to recognize Him as the life-giver from God.
Chapter 13 — God's Finished Work
God intended from the beginning that every believer should come fully into a place where Jesus Christ is absolutely Lord. It should never happen that one is first converted and "saved," receiving, as it is preached, "Jesus into his heart as Savior," then weeks, months, years later have to be convinced that he must further make Him Lord.

Jesus is not Savior until He is Lord. Only when He is Lord are we properly related to Him. Only when He is Lord is He permitted by our God-given free wills to work out His salvation in us.... Lordship is the prerequisite to salvation.... If the evangelists were to preach the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the laid-down life, if people fully understood the cost of discipleship and decided to follow Jesus anyway, they would be sold out from the beginning.

In this last day, before the Lord comes, God is purifying the message of the gospel. He is restoring the good news of "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" (1 Corinthians 2:2).

Just as the Son sought only to glorify Father, so are His many sons to seek only to glorify Him. That is our sole purpose for living as sons of God. And just as the Son was glorified when He sought only to glorify the Father, so will the many sons be glorified only as they seek to glorify the Father. The only way the Son glorified the Father was through radical obedience. Thus, it shall also be with the many sons.

If we are willing to sell out completely to Him up front, we can come into that fullness in Him. Or we can take the forty year journey into the wilderness in order to get there. But the latter is the harder road to travel. Those who rebelled in the wilderness died in the wilderness. They failed to enter into the promises of God. The flesh never wants to sell out to the Spirit. It is sold out to itself. The spirit man walk according to the Spirit of God and not according to the flesh (Galatians 5:16).
Chapter 14 — Inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven
Until you know that you know that Jesus is Lord of all, you have not fully come into the Kingdom of heaven.... Those who hunger and thirst for a hundredfold life in Christ not only enter but begin to inherit the Kingdom.

That which is of the Spirit is more real than those things of the natural world.... Every time we see a new thing by the Spirit about the Kingdom, we inherit that, we come into that, we have the courage of faith to walk in that; then, that becomes a manifested reality in our lives.

Only the people who have embraced the Lordship of Jesus Christ can inherit the Kingdom in fullness because it calls for the total surrender of all. This is not intended to suggest elitism. On the contrary, the cost to the crucified ones is great. They have to sacrifice fame, fortune, prestige, recognition, traditional ministry, power, position, and reputation. They are misunderstood and often accounted as heretics.

Nevertheless, the rewards of the Kingdom make it all worth the cost. For the crucified ones come to a place in Jesus where nothing else matters — and that is the ultimate inheritance.
Chapter 15 — Standing in the Gap
"I am looking for a man," says the Lord, "who will stand in the gap for Me.... If he will only turn to Me with a whole heart, abandon everything else in his heart, make Jesus Lord of his life, I will deposit the very life of Jesus in his heart through My Holy Spirit; and then I will have found the man I've been looking for. And he will stand in the gap for me... on behalf of the Church" (Ezekiel 22:30).
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