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The Crucified Ones, Part 2
30 August 2014
In the previous article, Part One of this series, I introduced the incredible, must-read book called The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant by Charles E. Newbold. If you haven't read that article yet, I urge you to do so before you continue here.

Even though The Crucified One is only 115 pages long, it is so deep and so rich that there are way too many excerpts for me to share all of them in one article. Therefore I have broken it down into manageable, digestible sections. Part One covered chapters one through five. Today's Part Two features extracts from chapters six through nine. The remaining two articles will cover the rest of the book.

As I shared previously, Entire sentences highlighted in this color are MY emphasis — thoughts which struck me as especially important. All other emphasis is the author's, or implied by the author. If the flow of thought from paragraph to paragraph feels disjointed at times, that's because it is! I've taken paragraphs which were spread throughout each chapter, so there can be large chunks of text missing in between the paragraphs I've shared here. That's why you need to get your own copy of the book and read the WHOLE thing!
Chapter 6 — Agape: The Crucified Life
God chose to save us from ourselves — we who are bent on self-destruction — by so loving us, by so completely giving of Himself, and that while we were completely undeserving (Romans 5:8). This, then, is the basis for agape: that one should give in grace and mercy of his life to another who is undeserving.

Man was undeserving of God's agape. But God, to the contrary, is most worthy of our agape.... We are to so love one another in mercy and grace so as to impart His very life to one another.... Flesh is bondage. Spirit is liberty. Flesh is selfish. Spirit is selfless.... The only way to truly love with the love of God is to be in the Spirit of God in order to find out how this love is worked out in life.
The Obedience of Agape
The faithful are those who deny themselves of their own opinions to find out God's opinion, who deny themselves of their own desires to find out God's desire, who deny themselves of their own wills to find out God's will. The faithful are those who take up their cross, deny themselves (that is, die to self-will) daily, and follow after what God is doing.

Once a believer has become so related to God in agape... his relationship with God is no more based on self — what he can get from God, but is now founded on God — what he can give to God.... The only way to know what is best is to find out from the Father.

The only true New Testament order for the church is Jesus. He is not a form of government, although He has government. He is not a set of creeds, confessionals, and belief systems; although He sets forth sound doctrines, precepts, and principles to be adhered to. The true church is an obedient people in right relationship with their God.
The Deeper Walk of Agape
I once had a Christian brother tell me, "You can't build anything upon the cross." He's absolutely right. Nothing of the flesh can be built upon the preaching of the cross. You have to preach another gospel to get that kind of building done.

There is a form of the gospel, a semblance, or something we think to be the gospel that is being preached. God is even working to save souls anyway. But something is missing. THIS gospel that Jesus talked about (Matthew 24:14) is not yet being preached.

In the past I wasn't sure what "THIS gospel" was. I'm seeing it more clearly today as I see these "crucified ones" coming forth. They not only preach the crucified lifestyle, but live it. Some are living it and don't even know how to talk about it yet. Some are seeing it and trying to describe it but are not necessarily walking it. Ultimately, though, no one can talk of this realm until they are walking in it.

You who read this word and hunger for that deeper walk can have it, whether you see it now or not, by simply asking God to take control and bring you into that Holy of Holies, into the throne room with Him, into that life of holiness before Him, into agape — the crucified life.
Chapter 7 — From Glory to Glory
We are not redeemed, sanctified, and glorified for ourselves, but for God.... Though we accrue the benefits of fulfilling His purposes in all history, we must come to the stark realization that He purchased us, we did not purchase Him.... When we come to this reality, we will have come to understand what it means to be crucified with Him.

We are to follow Him in His baptism; this is, allow the Holy Spirit to bring us to the end of ourselves that God might be glorified through us.... The only way we can bring glory to Him is through our laid-down life.

The more He lives His life through us, the more His is glorified and the more we become like Him. Thus, the more we become like Him, the more we share in His glory. So, it continues to hold that whoever loses his life for Christ's sake shall find it. If you lose your life in Him, you will be found in Him. Since He is the resurrection and the life, that is the only place to be found — in Him.

If we abide in Him and His words abide in us, we will ask what we desire and it shall be done for us. What do we ask for? That we should bear much fruit for Him and so be His disciple. By this Father God is glorified (John 15:7-8).

God is so dealing with His holy ones today as to bring them to the end of self into a holy and pure, undefiled relationship with Him — not for us (though it ends up being for us), but for Him, that He might be all in all.... We find that His great salvation is all wrapped up in who He is, not in who we are; in what He has done, not in what we could ever in a thousand lifetimes hope to do.
Chapter 8 — As He Is
Not only were God's eternal purposes fulfilled in Jesus Christ crucified, but Jesus set in motion an adoption program whereby God as Father would birth for Himself many sons to glory just as He, Jesus was the Son of glory. Whatever was fulfilled in Jesus was predetermined to be fulfilled in the many sons as well.

For His believers to attain Him, though He is freely given, they must, as He did, abandon themselves in pursuit of God. We have preached a cheap believism gospel that has deceived multitudes. But "this gospel of the kingdom" which calls for our participation into His death (Romans 6:3-11) and a sharing in His suffering (Philippians 3:10) is being restored by the Spirit of God today to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
To Become Like Jesus
What God wants in us is the very same as He had in Jesus. Jesus was the pattern, the blueprint, the temple, the head of the body. Follow Him through His life, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. We are being manifested (brought forth, made visible, revealed) as sons just as He was the Son.... Jesus is manifesting Himself — that is, revealing Himself — more and more even before He comes in all of His glory. Those to whom He reveals Himself are themselves being changed into His nature.

In the past we've tried to attain to the things of God by appropriating the word of God. We've tried to get healed, delivered, and blessed by confessing the word. We talked about getting the word down into our spirits. The reality of it all is that nothing can be attained by trying to appropriate the word. We are going to have to become the word. Jesus was the Word made flesh. As we are in Him and He in us, we too become as He is, the Word of God. As He was the Word made flesh, we who are flesh are being made the word.
On Becoming God’s Instrument of Himself
Jesus said, "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you" (John 15:7). If you ask for anything for self, you only show that you're not really abiding in the word. If you abide in Him and His word abides in you, you not only want what He wants, but you become the means through which He gets it.

Jesus never prayed for anyone to be healed. He healed them.... Jesus didn't pray for them to be set free. He cast the devils out.... Jesus didn't pray for people's salvation. He shed His blood and thereby forgave them of their sins and saved them.

We are His witnesses. The message of evangelism today is that the winning of souls cannot and will not be achieved through programs, printed tracts, campaigns, etc., but at the hands of those who dare to become as He is: living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2-3) — His life let loose in the world. As He lives and moves in and through us, molding us after His nature, filling us with His Spirit, pouring us out with His life, then and only then will the world see, come to know, and be won over to the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Chapter 9 — Entering His Rest
The emergence of the crucified ones is, at the same time, the abolition of dead works. All that is accomplished through them will be accomplished in rest.... No doubt we all feel the wearisomeness of our works.... That which is of God does not have to be kept going by our strength. We have no ability whatsoever to produce anything worthy for God by our own power.... One who is out of rest is out of faith. When one is in faith — that is, resting in the finished work of God — he is in his best position to please God.

A lot of people say they believe, but they are not in rest. They say they believe that God is on the throne, but they do not live their lives accordingly. They live in fear, worry, anxiety, discouragement, and the like. They struggle to make a way for themselves as though they can order their own steps. They pull, tug, agonize to manipulate their circumstances until those circumstances agree with their plan. They lie, cheat, steal — do whatever — to try to get ahead. But all of those things are the deeds of unbelief. As though God is not able!
Faith and God's Finished Work
Once in the past, I was trying desperately in my own strength to do something for God. We all want to. And the Spirit of the Lord witnessed to me, "When you work, I rest. When you rest, I work." Our flesh-man nature is fallen and still under the curse of works. We cannot imagine a gospel that does not require some works on our part. We have to labor to stay in faith and rest.

Mark 11:22 says, "Have faith in God." Many people have taken that to mean that we are to have faith in God for things — for whatever we want. This stress on faith for things has been so overworked that some are trying to have faith in faith. Believe the word of God, for the word of God is the will of God. The word of God is the expression of His heart. The word of God is God expressed in words. His word must be fulfilled.

Most of the thrust of institutional Christianity is based on works. Believers are made to feel guilty if they do not perform according to the rules, regulations, doctrines, traditions, and many unwritten expectations put upon them by those who want to control and own them. They are under the letter of the law in their own churches and have had the Spirit of life suppressed in them.
Jesus, Our Sabbath Rest
The crucified ones are no longer interested in works for works' sake. They have no agenda of their own that they want to promote. They have nothing of self to gain. Their whole preoccupation is to seek the will of God and do it.

More than anything else, Jesus wanted to make the point that He was the fulfillment of God's Sabbath. He was the fulfillment of all the Law and the prophets. Everything the prophets said about God was completed in Jesus who was God.

There remain those in Christendom who still debate whether we should go to church and worship God on Saturday, being the Sabbath, or on Sunday, the day of His resurrection. They fail to recognize, first of all, that the church is the people of God and not a place to go and, secondly, that God is not seeking Saturday or Sunday worshippers only.... The Old Testament is the type in the natural realm of that which became spiritual reality in the New Testament. Jesus has become for us our Sabbath rest, and we enter into that rest by being in Him every day of every week.
Faith and Obedience
Now as never before, if we ever hope to be in the company of the crucified ones, we will have to enter into that Sabbath rest. We enter that rest by radical obedience to the Spirit of God. To radically obey is to radically believe and trust in God to the point of appearing foolish to the world.

God told Joshua before he went up against Jericho that He had given Jericho into his hands (Joshua 6:2). Joshua had the word of God before he had the reality of it in the natural realm. But that's all he needed. He knew God. He had relationship with this God. He knew that God's word was His promise, that it was a sure thing.

For six days the Israelites were to march around Jericho one time per day.... Then on the seventh day they were to march around the city seven times. Now they definitely had something to do, and some may have grown weary walking and waiting seven days; but, compared to the task at hand, they took the city in rest. God did all the work. They were to simply obey.

Throughout the scriptures, time after time, we see the power of God released through obedience. Obedience, faith, and rest are merely synonyms — different ways of saying the same thing.... If any person in Christ has more to do than he has time to do, some of those things are not of the Lord. He is in unrest and out of faith. He is into dead works — wood, hay, and stubble to be cast into the fire and burned (1 Corinthians 3:11-15).

Obey Him explicitly in every way. Live the crucified life that the glory of the Lord might be revealed in and through you in this final hour before He comes.
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