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The Crucified Ones, Part 1
29 August 2014
I had a strange experience a couple of weeks ago.

I was looking for a certain book, carefully checking my dozens of shelves filled with hundreds of books, but I could not find it. However, as I was searching, my attention rested upon a thin paperback lost among the multitude of books, with "The Crucified Ones" printed on the spine.

Pulling the book off the shelf and looking at the cover, I found that it was entitled The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant by Charles E. Newbold.

It wasn't the book I was looking for, but I suddenly had a strange feeling that perhaps the book was looking for me! Just from the title it sounded VERY interesting, because the subject seemed to be along the lines of many of the articles I've been writing on this Web site as well as on its companion Your Islamic Future Web site. At only 115 pages, I figured I might as well read it and see what it's all about.

So what is so weird about this experience? It's just this: I have NO idea where this book came from! For a very organized person like me with an excellent memory, this is VERY unusual for me. I pretty much know where ALL of my books came from, and even, generally, when I bought them. And if somehow I don't remember, I can always look up the order on Amazon, where I buy almost ALL of my books.

But this book didn't come from Amazon. I have NO idea where it came from! From all I can tell, an angel supernaturally put it on my bookshelf! And what about the other book I was originally looking for? It was sitting right there on a table by the recliner the whole time! I shouldn't have even been searching my home library. I've got a strong feeling that God really wanted me to read this book, however it got on my shelf!

The Crucified Ones is an incredible book! I used a LOT of blue pencil highlighting sentences and paragraphs that really spoke to my heart. This guy is really amazing! I feel like I've encountered a true kindred spirit! What he writes resonates SO much with what God has been stirring in my heart and whispering in the ear of my heart during these past few years.

It's amazing that this book was published way back in 1990, and regrettable that it took me SO long to discover it. But God knows best, and I guess that this was His perfect timing to bring it to my attention. I would definitely place this book amongst the handful of must-read books out of the hundreds of books I have read in my life.

Brand new it's only $7.16 at Amazon (follow the above link) — you can get it used for even less. And the Kindle version is only 99¢! At that price you can't afford NOT to get it! Whatever form you buy it in, I strongly urge you to get yourself a copy and feast richly on it!

Because what Mr. Newbold has to say is so very critical in this day, I decided to share ALL of the passages which I highlighted in the book. Because there is so much, and it is such rich material, I have broken it down into four manageable sections. Today I will be sharing highlights from chapters one through five. Over the next few days I will be posting the other three sections. Even so, what I will have shared will be only perhaps one-third of the entire book — so you REALLY need to buy it and read the whole thing!

Lastly, a couple of technical notes before we begin. Entire sentences highlighted in this color are MY emphasis — thoughts which struck me as especially important. All other emphasis is the author's, or implied by the author. If the flow of thought from paragraph to paragraph feels disjointed at times, that's because it is! I've taken paragraphs which were spread throughout each chapter, so there can be large chunks of text missing in between the paragraphs I've shared here. That's why you need to get your own copy of the book and read the WHOLE thing!
Chapter 1 — Three Feasts and Three Courts
There are the traditional churches, so-called "Spirit-filled" churches, and the Spirit-led believers. I say so-called "Spirit-filled" churches because these are they who started out being led by the Spirit but somewhere along the way camped out around their past experiences, institutionalized them, and have gone no further.

When you cease to be "Spirit-led," you soon become traditional again. So in the long run, there are only two divisions: traditionalists and Spirit-led. All traditionalists end up becoming another sect within institutional Christianity while the Spirit-led rarely find affinity with an organized group.

We notice that the world accepts the traditional church, it tolerates the Spirit-filled church, but it will crucify the Spirit-led believers. Even the traditionalists in Christianity regard the Spirit-led believers with disdain. If Satan and the powers of darkness could ever stop the people of God from being led by the Spirit of God, they would successfully thwart the power of God because the power of God is released through obedience.

The enemy is never threatened by those "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof..." (2 Timothy 3:5). The enemy is threatened, however, by a company of overcomers today who dare to deny themselves and take up their cross daily (Luke 9:23), who dare to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Satan trembles at the very emergence of these crucified ones.
Chapter 2 — Going Through the Cross
The crucified ones have a strong sense of and security in the headship of Jesus Christ. They resist the pressures of traditional Christianity to submit to the headship of other men.... Their insistence upon the headship of Jesus Christ is an offense to the traditionalists / institutionalists who, for some reason, want to bring men into submission to men.

The crucified ones have no agenda of their own. They only want and pursue what God wants.... The absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ infers radical obedience to Him.... Such obedience comes out of extreme faith and confidence in God as being sovereign in their lives.

Their faith supersedes faith for things, even the things of the Kingdom. Their faith is in God regardless of things and circumstances.... They have such confidence in the greater power of God in them that whatever happens to them is regarded more as the sanctification work of the Holy Spirit than as the destructive work of the enemy.
The crucified ones are non-religious, non-traditional, non-institutional, and non-liturgical. They see the difference between religion and relationship. They do not need religion because they have a personal relationship with the Christ of Christianity.

Religion is interested in the doing of things to appease the gods while relationship is interested in being in fellowship with the God-person Himself. Religion is sacrifice; relationship is obedience. Religion is intent on cleaning the outside of the cup; relationship is intent upon being cleansed on the inside (Matthew 23:25-26).

Religion partakes of the symbol only of the body and the blood (communion); relationship partakes of the Person of the body and the blood. We can no longer offer people the symbol only. They need the Person of the symbol — Jesus Christ, Lord. The crucified ones no longer base their own lives on the symbol but upon their relationship with the Person.

They identify with His plans and purposes in all eternity.... Their confidence is in their God who provides.... They are non-sensational.... The crucified ones are patient to wait upon the Lord — to rest, wait, listen, and then and only then, to do. They have a profound confidence in the Bible as the word of God and live as though God said what He meant and meant what He said.
The Church Without Walls
The crucified ones are the church without walls. They have gone outside of the camp with Jesus, bearing His reproach (Hebrews 13:12-13). The churches are like walled cities within which to keep their own. The ecumenical movement is an attempt to overlap these walls so as to give an appearance of unity. But all of these attempts will never remove the reality of the walls.

More often, even among the most sincere believers, these walled cities become social clubs for their kind. God is not calling for Christian country clubs. Rather He is calling for His people to come out of them.... These crucified ones are a people who have been called out of a people: the ekklesia, "called out ones."

The crucified ones have taken for themselves no other name but His name: the name of Jesus (Acts 15:14).... They submit to no other headship / Lordship except the headship / Lordship of Jesus Christ who is the true head of the church (Ephesians 1:22;4:15;5:23).

They follow no one but the Holy Spirit of God who is Himself bound only to do and say what Jesus, the Head, is doing and saying (John 16:13). They know no other voice but that of the Good Shepherd (John 10:14-16). They are joined to no one or no thing but to Him (1 Corinthians 6:17).

They have been bought with a price (1 Corinthians 7:23) and, therefore, dare not attempt to own anyone or to be owned by anyone except Him. Yet, they belong to each other in the deepest spiritual sense of the word (1 Corinthians 3:22). They have no other life to live but that His life should be lived in and through them (Galatians 2:20).
Their lives are styled after that of the prophets of God — the Elijah spirit — have this radical relationship with God in the Spirit, speaking for God by their very lifestyle, bringing conviction to the world, preparing the way of the Lord's second coming. The crucified ones appear as mavericks in the body of Christ but are in fact the very opposite. They are each given absolutely to the will of God at all cost to themselves. There is no rebellion to be found within them.

No man knows how to build God's house. Man cannot legislate or institutionalize God's divine order. He can only submit to the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit who is doing the building and be radically obedient to that particular thing he is show by the Spirit to do. Any attempt to build, legislate, or institutionalize ahead of the Spirit is carnal, resulting in legalism and death. "...the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life" (2 Corinthians 3:6).
Rivers of Living Water from Within
These crucified ones do not need to run to this seminar on healing or that workshop on deliverance. They will not have to buy all those books and tapes on "how to this" and "how to that." They will not have to try to grasp the promises of God in their lives through endless incantations of faith confessions.

The promises of God are within them and cannot be attained by grasping outwardly for them. Moreover, they not only have the Kingdom, the Word, the promises, and the Person of the Word within them, they are themselves becoming the manifestation of the word of God in and through their lives.... They are the Word made flesh in their own bodies as they are the body of Christ in the world.
Normal Christian Life
The crucified life is that to which God has called all of His disciples. It is considered normal Christian living from God's point of view. Any attempt at life in Christ that is less than this is subnormal, immature discipleship.

Jesus Christ had given those first disciples the commission to "go...and teach all nations, baptizing them..." (Matthew 28:19-20), but they were at ease in their Jerusalem cove and were not going out as they had been commissioned. Therefore, it took persecution to scatter them and the word abroad.
Born Out of Fire
I sense that once again, it will take persecution to scatter the saints for the spread of the TRUE gospel. I say "true" gospel because any gospel that does not preach "Jesus Christ and Him crucified" is not the true but is "another gospel".... Persecution is often God's shaking — His tool for the fulfillment of the great commission.

The crucified ones have truly crossed over into the Holy of Holies — the place where Jesus is the only thing there is, where Christ is not only preached as crucified but where the believer himself is a living example of that sacrificial life (Romans 12:1)... Jesus is their pattern. His sacrificial life becomes their lives, and their lives become His.... We are fast approaching the end and the perfecting of the saints — those who are willing to go through the cross of Christ.
Chapter 3 — Consumed
It is one thing to partake of the Lord's supper which commemorates his death, but quite another thing to partake of Him and to participate in His death through our own laid-down life.... To eat His flesh and drink His blood is to so consume Christ Jesus as Lord that your very nature is changed.... To consume Him is to take Him in. To be consumed by Him is to be taken over by Him — to be made one with Him. We take all of Him. He takes all of us.

"Our God is a consuming fire" (Hebrews 12:29), and that is what all true believers have been called to be as well: a consuming fire. Whoever becomes a consuming fire, by the very nature of their laid-down lives, will become an offense to the world, the flesh, and Satan.
Chapter 4 — Redemption / Justification
The more acceptable we try to make ourselves, the less acceptable we become.
Chapter 5 — Sanctification
The true church is an obedient people.. This is a hard but true saying. To eat His flesh and drink His blood (John 6:53-56) is to utterly lay down our lives for Him to accomplish His absolute and perfect will in our lives. Nothing else matters.... To eat His flesh and drink His blood is to become "broken bread and poured out wine."

We have three baptisms.... We are first baptized into Jesus as expressed through the outward act of water baptism. Secondly, we are baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire that we might have His power to go on into His Lordship. Then, thirdly, through this baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire, the way is made for us to be baptized into His sufferings. It is a sharing in His sufferings. The Holy Spirit performs the baptism of suffering in our lives.
Baptism of His Sufferings
The first two baptisms have as their ultimate spiritual goal to bring us to the only baptism that really counts — the baptism into Jesus where we are wholly, totally crucified with Him and raised up in Him — where we have become, as it were, Him.

We are being brought to obedience, to servanthood, to sonship through the things we suffer, through our participation in His sufferings....
If we willfully despise this discipline and thereby reject God's process to grow us up into Him, we shall remain self-centered and self-seeking and thereby miss the whole idea of discipleship. If we are self seeking, we are carnal, fleshly.
Baptism in the Holy Spirit
If we are fleshly, then we are idolaters. We worship ourselves and are given to our own wills instead of God's. If we are idolaters, then we are harlots. All idolatry in the Bible is viewed as spiritual harlotry — going after other gods. Spiritual harlotry is anything for self.... Christ is not coming for the harlot nor for a people with harlot hearts. He is not coming for a rebellious bride.

Many are preaching a salvation without the cross. Yet, there is no salvation apart from the cross; that is, the laid-down life. To preach a salvation without the cross is not the true gospel.... Pentecost without Passover is deception... we tend to go for the "blessing." We seek the gifts for the sake of having the gifts.
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