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In Praise of Apple
26 October 2010
About 11 months ago, on the last day of November 2009 — sensing that the axe was ready to fall at my workplace — I decided that a notebook computer might come in handy for the next step in my life. Therefore I ordered a 13 inch Macbook Pro, which I have been very pleased with for these 11 months — well, all except for one minor detail.

As I was using the computer in my networking class at the local community college, I was noticing that the ethernet port was sometimes not working properly. During the Spring Term the condition grew worse. It become very hard to get a solid network connection using that port. Once the classes were over at the beginning of June I didn't pay much attention to the problem because I almost exclusively use a wireless connection at home.

Just last week I was wanting to connect the Macbook via an ethernet cable so I could have a faster network connection. This reminded me once more that the ethernet port was totally dead. Since the computer is still under warranty, it seemed like I should deal with this problem sooner than later.

What has happened in the last five days is totally astounding! I have experienced probably the most awesome customer service I have ever received in my nearly-half-century of life! Here is a short chronology to give you a good feel for what took place:
Friday 22 October
At around 8:00 AM, I filled out a form on Apple's Web site requesting tech support. A few minutes later I received a telephone call from Apple, and was soon talking to a support technician. We ran through a few diagnostics, and then he told me that I would have to send it in for repair. I figured that with the shipping times, plus the repair time, I would be without my computer for a good two weeks. He told me that it would not be that long, since the shipping was via FedEx overnight service. I should expect a special box for shipping the unit to arrive on Monday. During the day I backed-up the computer and make configuration changes to prepare it for service.
Saturday 23 October
While I'm out for my morning walk, around 9:00 AM, FedEx delivered the packing box! Wow, Saturday service! Because I had already prepared the Macbook, and because it was not too late for Saturday pickup, I made the 20-minute drive to the FedEx Office location in Corvallis. It's on its way!
Sunday 24 October
A day of rest for all.
Monday 25 October
When I turned on my computer first thing in the morning, I already had e-mails from both FedEx and Apple saying that the computer had been delivered to the repair center in Tennessee. That's a great way to start the day! Then around suppertime I received another e-mail from Apple informing me that the repairs had been completed, and the package had been passed back to FedEx for the return trip! Double wow! That was FAST!!
Tuesday 26 October
Four days after I first contacted Apple about my problem, my repaired Macbook arrives back home about 11:00 AM! If it hadn't been for the weekend, it would have taken only three days! I'm in total shock over Apple's excellent, astounding customer service! Very impressive! Three cheers in praise of Apple!!
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In Praise of Apple
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