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Amazon.com: Customer Service Heaven
16 February 2014
In stark contrast to my recent journey through NuMac Blu-Ray Burner hell, I just had a refreshing and satisfying taste of customer service heaven from Amazon.com. I had a similar experience with Apple back in 2010 — see In Praise of Apple. All businesses should treat their customers so well!

This past Monday I placed an order for a Belkin 12 Outlet Surge Protector with Phone / Ethernet / Coaxial Protection and Extended Cord. With my two-day Prime shipping, it should have arrived on Wednesday, but it didn't. The next day the shipment tracking status was really weird: Undeliverable — Returned. So I contacted Amazon to find out what the deal was. Here is the reply which came just over an hour later:
I'm sorry to know that you didn't receive your order by the guaranteed delivery date. I've checked the order details and found that the order was damaged in transit. To ensure you don't receive a damage item the carrier didn't deliver the order. I'm sorry that the tracking information on our website appears incomplete.

To help make up for the inconvenience, I've extended your Amazon Prime membership by one month. Also, I've created a new replacement order for you at no charge. I've also upgraded the shipping method to One-Day Shipping at no additional charge so that you would receive your order as quickly as possible.
Wow! That's pretty overwhelming — very impressive customer service! But that's not all! Later the same day, someone else at Amazon dealt with my order problem — seems like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. Here is what they wrote:
We're contacting you about your order. Due to a processing error, we're unable to deliver your order. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes. When something like this happens, we normally send out a replacement order. In this case, though, a replacement wasn't possible, so we've requested a full refund for your order. You'll see the refund apply to your original payment method within several business days.
But they had already sent me a replacment! I decided to wait a couple of days to see what would happen. On Friday I received my order, safe and sound. On Saturday, I saw that the amount had be refunded to my credit card. So I wrote Amazon once again, explaining the very satisfactory resolution of my problem, and the new problem they had created by giving me a refund by mistake. Here is their reply:
Thanks for letting us know that we have permission to charge your card. We appreciate your loyalty. Since the mistake is from Amazon. I suggest you to keep this refund as a good will of gesture. We wont charge your card.
Gosh! That's amazing! Amazon really went above and beyond the call of duty to make a customer feel happy and well taken care of! No wonder I've shopped at Amazon more than any other store, physical or online, for quite a number of years now. With awesome service like that, as well as great prices, why shop anywhere else?!
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Amazon.com: Customer Service Heaven
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